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While most small business owners and individuals do not keep an attorney on retainer, from time to time they need sound legal advice. At Allen Landerman, P.C., we are committed to representing individuals and businesses solve their legal problems.

Whether you need help with drafting or review of agreements including purchase and sale agreements or you need help filing an appeal in state or federal court, you want to work with an attorney who is focused on your needs and goals. Whether it is protecting your intellectual property rights or litigating a contract dispute, Attorney Landerman is available to help.

Allen Landerman, P.C. helps businesses of all sizes and individuals ensure their rights are being protected. We are happy to work on one-time needs such as drafting or reviewing contracts or non-compete agreements or handling your appeal from start to finish. Attorney Landerman understands what is at stake and will do everything possible to represent you aggressively and protect your rights. Call his Addison, Texas office today at (469) 287-7211 for legal help in the Dallas area.

Our Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Too frequently, business owners are forced to go to court to protect their rights. This can occur because of a disagreement over a contract, because a vendor has not followed through on their agreement and it has cost your business money or you are being sued because someone is unhappy with your services or products. These issues are serious and can have a devastating impact on your business. Legal issues of all types can not only cost you money, in the long run, they can also damage your reputation, negatively impacting your business for years to come.

I have had extensive experience representing business owners who are involved in disputes involving trade names, contracts and real estate transactions. I understand the impact these types of disputes have on you personally as well as the potential impact on your business. I am committed to ensuring your rights are protected and that we do everything possible to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

If you are involved in a dispute that cannot be resolved outside of court, you need an attorney who is prepared to argue your case in court. You can count on my assistance for all business litigation matters in the Dallas, Texas area. Call Allen Landerman, P.C. at (469) 287-7211 for help with your business litigation needs.

Transactional Work

In some cases, businesses have a need for limited legal assistance. This could be in setting up their corporate structure including corporations, partnerships or limited liability corporations.

Allen Landerman, P.C. has experience helping businesses set up the right corporate structures to help protect owners from personal liability and minimize their tax liabilities. You want to ensure when setting up your business you have the maximum amount of protection for your business and for you personally.

Companies often need single contracts, non-compete agreements and employment agreements or they may be presented with a contract for signature. Most companies do not want the expense of having full-time legal assistance and this is when they turn to an attorney who is willing to work on a single issue.

Regardless of the size of your business, you may need help with your specific legal needs. There’s no need to have a full-time attorney when individualized attention will meet your needs.

You can work with an attorney who is willing to fulfill your one-time legal needs. Whether you need to hire an independent contractor, need help with reviewing a lease agreement or a vendor contract, contact Allen Landerman, P.C.. We’re happy to help you with your specific legal needs on a case-by-case basis.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your trade name, patents and other intellectual property is a necessity. In these times, with the explosion of technology, it is even more critical. When you’ve discovered someone is using your company name, logo or other intellectual property, you need an attorney who will fight aggressively to ensure your business name is not harmed. Today, you face the possibility of a competitor setting up similar social media pages and accounts, competition websites with similar names and other digital products that are designed to pull potential customers away from your business.

I’m committed to helping those in the technology field ensure their work product and other intellectual property is protected from those who attempt to trade on your good name. In many cases, the law has not caught up with technology; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight hard to protect yourself from poachers. Contact Allen Landerman, P.C. at (469) 287-7211 if you’re facing any intellectual property issues and we’ll do our best to restore what is rightfully yours.


When a court has ruled against you, it’s important to fight back if you have the basis for an appeal. This process can be complicated as it involves bringing new information to court, examining the original court proceedings and ensuring any small mistakes are capitalized upon. I have experience handling state and federal appeals in Texas and I can help you through this process. Having the right attorney in these instances is important because no detail should be overlooked regardless of how minor it may appear.

There are specific time frames for filing the documentation for an appeal so it’s important you contact me as soon as possible after an adverse court ruling. I’ll need time to review the transcripts from your court case, draft the appropriate appeal documents and get them filed with the court. I will work with you throughout the process to ensure you understand what steps are being taken and why they are important. I’ll make sure you know what the possible outcomes are and we’ll work together to ensure we get the best possible results on your behalf. Call my office today if you’ve had a Texas state or federal court rule against you and let me help you fight back. You can reach me at my Addison TX office at (469) 287-7211.

Real estate

While most Texas real estate transactions are completed with very few problems, there is always risks associated with signing a purchase and sale agreement or a financing agreement. Too often, buyers read the contracts but could miss restrictions or exceptions to the agreements which can prove costly.

Having all contracts and agreements reviewed by a skilled real estate attorney can help provide you protection in the event something goes wrong. A poorly worded purchase and sale agreement can create problems getting your deposit returned, put onerous restrictions on securing financing and cause other issues.

Commercial lease agreements often carry restrictions that can make operating your business challenging. Rather than simply sign a long-term lease without having it reviewed first, give our office a call to set up an appointment to review the agreement. Over time, seeking legal help will prove to be a good investment.

Buying any type of real estate means you are making a long-term commitment. Having an attorney verify the title to the property is free from encumbrances, having your financing agreement reviewed and reviewing your purchase and sale agreement or lease agreement helps protect your interests. Contact Allen Landerman, P.C. at (469) 287-7211 for help with all your Texas real estate transactions.

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I am licensed to practice in Texas and admitted to practice in the following Federal courts: Northern District of Texas, Eastern District of Texas, Bankruptcy Courts for Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, and the Fifth Circuit United States Courts of Appeals.


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