Allen was very professional and helpful with resolving my contract issue. Communicates case information quickly and was able to help resolve my contract issues which included a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Alan with any contract questions or business matter!

Greg N.

Allen has been a wonderful resource for me with my new business. He is prompt with his responses and he has a wealth of good advice. Allen drafted a very fair settlement and walked me through every step. I am thankful to have him on my side!

Jennifer M.

Very thorough, kind and detail oriented. He gave us some great advice and we appreciated his candor. Thank you Mr. Landerman.

Becca P.

Great experience! Allen was very responsive and timely with my requests and provided very helpful guidance.

Michelle S.

Mr. Landerman helped us with our business contract. He was nice, punctuated, and on time. His charge was reasonable. Definitely we will come to him again for any legal issues regarding to our consignment business. Thanks Mr. Landerman.

Anh H.

I hired Allen Landerman to help out with a rental security deposit issue. I was worried that we would not be able to collect from the landlord but Allen was very knowledgeable and made it happen. I'd definitely hire Allen again.

Roberto L.

This is a long-overdue review for Allen. Allen has helped me with multiple business reviews from business acquisition, drafting necessary documents, and standing next to me from start to finish. I recommend Allen to anyone who is looking for a business lawyer and overall legal help. Allen is a guy who will pick up the phone, and you can talk about any legal challenges. He has decades of experience, and it shows in his passion. He knew how to navigate every path and pitfall and was always seeing things before they happened! He doesn't merely help his clients as clients but as a family. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for what he accomplished for my company. As we grow, our portfolio Allen is the first phone we make to review our initial plan. Thank you.


We live in an age of remote work - which means it's not uncommon for a consultant (or employee) to be working for a company in a different state - and bound by an agreement under the laws of that state. So it shouldn't have surprised me to find myself needing a Texas attorney to review an agreement. But it couldn't just be any attorney. I needed someone who could review an agreement that I had already done my best to negotiate, and who was familiar with this type of agreement, confidentiality and intellectual property issues. So, it couldn't be a typical family or personal injury lawyer. But it also couldn't be a hugely expensive corporate lawyer. And ideally it would be someone who was familiar with technology. Which brings us to Allen. A former engineer who specializes in exactly this kind of agreement and is willing to take small jobs seriously. He spotted a major issue in the draft of the agreement and explained to me (and to the company's attorney) what the problem was. Thanks to him I was able to avoid a some serious long term risk and successfully negotiate the deal.

Dan A.

We've worked with many lawyers but Attorney Landerman is, by far, the best attorney that we've encountered.  He possesses a wealth of knowledge in many diverse disciplines including software, business, and education.  We plan on working with him for many years to come.

Alma L.

I can't say enough great things about Allen. I've had a small business legal issue where I have been trying to pay a small judgement, and the recipient would not make arrangements for my release of judgement. When I hired Allen I think that he was under the impression he would resolve this in no time. Well after encountering the same issues that I did Allen broke through each barrier. I'm happy to say he got me exactly what I was looking for and a lower cost than I expected. When have you ever heard that about a small business attorney? His Wife Wendy is extremely nice and helpful as well.

Zane P.