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In some cases, businesses have a need for limited legal assistance. This could be in setting up their corporate structure including corporations, partnerships or limited liability corporations.

Allen Landerman, P.C. has experience helping businesses set up the right corporate structures to help protect owners from personal liability and minimize their tax liabilities. You want to ensure when setting up your business you have the maximum amount of protection for your business and for you personally.

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Companies often need single contracts, non-compete agreements and employment agreements or they may be presented with a contract for signature. Most companies do not want the expense of having full-time legal assistance and this is when they turn to an attorney who is willing to work on a single issue.

Regardless of the size of your business, you may need help with your specific legal needs. There’s no need to have a full-time attorney when individualized attention will meet your needs.

You can work with an attorney who is willing to fulfill your one-time legal needs. Whether you need to hire an independent contractor, need help with reviewing a lease agreement or a vendor contract, contact Allen Landerman, P.C.. We’re happy to help you with your specific legal needs on a case-by-case basis.LOREM IPSUM