When a court has ruled against you, it’s important to fight back if you have the basis for an appeal. This process can be complicated as it involves bringing new information to court, examining the original court proceedings and ensuring any small mistakes are capitalized upon. I have experience handling state and federal appeals in Texas and I can help you through this process. Having the right attorney in these instances is important because no detail should be overlooked regardless of how minor it may appear.

There are specific time frames for filing the documentation for an appeal so it’s important you contact me as soon as possible after an adverse court ruling. I’ll need time to review the transcripts from your court case, draft the appropriate appeal documents and get them filed with the court.

I will work with you throughout the process to ensure you understand what steps are being taken and why they are important. I’ll make sure you know what the possible outcomes are and we’ll work together to ensure we get the best possible results on your behalf. Contact my office today if you’ve had a Texas state or federal court rule against you and let me help you fight back.


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