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Too frequently, business owners are forced to go to court to protect their rights. This can occur because of a disagreement over a contract, because a vendor has not followed through on their agreement and it has cost your business money or you are being sued because someone is unhappy with your services or products. These issues are serious and can have a devastating impact on your business. Legal issues of all types can not only cost you money, in the long run, they can also damage your reputation, negatively impacting your business for years to come.

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I have had extensive experience representing business owners who are involved in disputes involving trade names, contracts and real estate transactions. I understand the impact these types of disputes have on you personally as well as the potential impact on your business. I am committed to ensuring your rights are protected and that we do everything possible to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

If you are involved in a dispute that cannot be resolved outside of court, you need an attorney who is prepared to argue your case in court. You can count on my assistance for all business litigation matters in the Dallas, Texas area. Contact Allen Landerman, P.C. for help with your business litigation needs.